Creating videos

As a multimedia student, I have experience working with industry-standard applications like Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. I have honed my skills utilizing these tools to create creative designs and  motion graphics. During my formal studies, I was able to experiment with a diverse range of techniques, building upon my existing abilities and continually pushing the boundaries of my creative capabilities. Some examples of my work can be seen below in the various designs and motion graphic videos that I have produced. Each project has allowed me to refine my craft, both technically and artistically. I take great pride in my ability to develop visually appealing and dynamic content that is tailored to meet the needs of my clients.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  This is the project where I created a video for UNICEF Denmark, where I showcased UNICEF’s motive and aim for mother’s day in which they have been helping all the mothers out there who needs emergency and sanitary supports, shelter and food.  In this video, I have connected a mother and her daughter who lives far away from each other through UNICEF. 

This project is the one I did for Let’s PLAY E-sports gaming center. The main objective of this project was to showcase the entire gamut of services that are made available to the customers who visit this exceptional gaming center. Through this project, a comprehensive representation of the exceptional ambience, quality of services, and overall environment at Let’s PLAY E-sports gaming center was put together. In order to ensure a detailed and accurate portrayal of the gaming center, I have included various aspects of the establishment such as the visual appeal, the amenities, the staff, and the overall atmosphere. 



The cinemagraph video is created for Cocohagen Company. In this piece of visual content, we have showcase exquisite flavors that Cocohagen provides to its customers. This video is made to leave viewers spellbound and craving for a bite of these delectable truffles. It is a testament to the superior quality and artisanal craftsmanship that Cocohagen Company is known for, and we are proud to have had the opportunity to be a part of this exciting project!

Throughout my academic journey at KEA, I have been fortunate enough to acquire knowledge and practical skills that have been instrumental in shaping my career prospects. I have harnessed every opportunity to showcase my learning and have gone extra mile in implementing them into my projects.. Therefore, I am confident that my practical experience and theoretical knowledge will make me an excellent candidate for any future opportunities that may arise. below are more of my practical videos that I have created.

As a current student, I humbly acknowledge that I have a long way to go before I can confidently say that I am well-equipped and knowledgeable in all the areas that I need to succeed. I understand that continuous learning and improvement is necessary for me to achieve my full potential and become the best version of myself. There are many important topics, skills, and concepts that I have yet to fully grasp, and I eagerly welcome the opportunity to dive deeper into each of these areas. Despite the challenges that come with the learning process, I remain committed to my growth and development. Through hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn, I am confident that I will reach my goals and aspirations in due time.